International Journal of Internet Science

A peer reviewed open access journal for empirical findings, methodology, and theory of social and behavioral science concerning the Internet and its implications for individuals, social groups, organizations, and society.

Volume 3, Issue 1 (2008)

Ulf-Dietrich Reips & Uwe Matzat:
High Impact of a Start-Up Journal - Surprisingly so? (Editorial)


Dietmar Janetzko:
Objectivity, Reliability, and Validity of Search Engine Count Estimates

Jesse W. J. Weltevreden & Ron A. Boschma:
The Influence of Firm Owner Characteristics on Internet Adoption by Independent Retailers: A Business Survey

Bertil Rolandsson & Ulric Björck:
Being an Efficient or Dialogue-Oriented Rural Municipality on the Net: Framing Civil Servants' Confidence in E-Services

Book Review

Tom Buchanan:
When Psychology Went Online: Review of "Psychological Aspects of Cyberspace: Theory, Research Applications", Edited by Azy Barak (Cambridge University Press, 2008)